Unfriendly Neighbours

After a few days and nights we had ventured out and about and it became very apparent that we were staying in ‘downtown’, but what our Hut lacked in kerb appeal made up in the size of the plot. It was a shame about the rusting old cars strewn about, along with what resembled an old tractor in the front yard, but when you managed to look past that you could appreciate the size of the garden space. We hadn’t actually met any of the neighbours but had seen those living to the left (to be fair the house on the right looked derelict), whilst we had seen our neighbours we hadn’t spoken to them, and to be frank it was a bit off putting when they stood at the fence staring at us. However, we were made welcome as on our arrival the landlady left a basket of lovely goodies on the doorstep, and on day 2 had left us two homemade apple pies. So we ignored the grumpy unfriendly neighbours.

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