An Invitation 

So our pie making neighbours have invited us over for a ‘shindig’, and as I am not familiar with the term I asked the hostess what would she be wearing and she replied ‘I will be wearing my finest, a brand new check shirt’…….. great this means another trip to Walmart.


So after plucking up enough courage I go outside with Marilyn and she introduces me to Sarah and Ian, I thank them for all the food and apologise saying that I hadn’t realised it had been them leaving the parcels. Sarah said ‘Don’t you worry yourself about it, we just know some folks don’t appreciate… Read More S AND I

Break in Transmission

Apologies for leaving in the middle of a story but after four states, nine airports and a wedding all within two weeks, I am afraid that I neglected the blog! Then I came home and it was Christmas and work….blah blah blah…. so now it’s February and I decided an update was needed……