Humble Pie

Day 5 was somewhat of an anticlimax as we were not sure whether there would be anymore pastry deliveries, when suddenly the door bell went. I went and opened the front door and the woman introduced herself as the landlady. I said to her you must be Sandi. She looked puzzled and said no her name was Marilyn. Somewhat confused I said but you left the pies everyday with a note from Sandi. Now it was her turn to look confused. I said I still have the note from yesterday, I went to get it and gave it to her…She let out a shriek and said ‘Oh my, this isn’t from me or anyone called Sandi, it’s from Sarah and Ian, they have signed there names S and I. So who are they I ask. Much to my horror she said ‘They are you next door neighbours’! Oh bugger!

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