So after plucking up enough courage I go outside with Marilyn and she introduces me to Sarah and Ian, I thank them for all the food and apologise saying that I hadn’t realised it had been them leaving the parcels. Sarah said ‘Don’t you worry yourself about it, we just know some folks don’t appreciate good neighbours.’ I awkwardly explained that we thought that they were just unfriendly as they stared at us. Sarah made an indignant noise ands said ‘unfriendly, you obviously haven’t yet met Wayne and Duane’. And with that she pointed to the other side of the house, ‘There are your other neighbours, just don’t go bothering them, those two brothers are always up to no good you hear me’ with that she shook her finger and announced ‘ Ima off to feed them chucks’. I look at both Ian and Marilyn in turn for some kind of reassurance. Ian began shaking his head and put his hands in his dungaree pockets and held his head low. Marilyn responded by saying ‘there’s nothing to worry about ‘you have a nice day’ and jumped into her car and headed back to the City.

Note to self: look up the word ‘chucks’

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