A New Hotel

So after successfully navigating the airport and car hire I arrived at the Hotel. Unfortunately there were no vacancies at my usual hotel aka Donkey Smelling Hotel, and I booked Aron in a nearby hotel that I had never stayed at before. First impressions…. very posh, marble everywhere, leather sofas dotted about, stark white walls with canvas paintings that resemble hand prints in pastel colours and somewhat clinical in appearance.

Checked in and allocated a room on the 3rd floor. My room is massive and has two very large double beds, a wardrobe big enough you could sleep in it, a spacious bath and shower room and a toilet ensuite to the bathroom. I also have a white leather sofa, a flat screen TV and a balcony that overlooks a football pitch and El CID Castle in the distance.

So sling suitcase down and go exploring…. I head for the outside pool. I notice that for a hotel in August it is very quiet, no husle and bustle of other guests, and as I walk down the corridor I feel like I am in a library, it’s so so quiet.

I head downstairs through the reception area, which is deserted, and outside. The pool is situated on the terrace below and is surrounded by sunbeds…. I stand there perplexed….not a soul in site. I continue down the terrace heading towards the tennis courts…empty.  I retrace my steps and go past the pool and peer into the restaurant. White chairs and matching white  linen serviettes but that too was absent of life form!

I headed back to the reception area and oh joy, a receptionist, feeling slightly better that there was at least one other person in the hotel I returned to my room to unpack.

After I unpacked, I picked up the hotels brochure and as I turned the page it became immediately apparent as to why the hotel was deserted, horror of horrors …… to be continued!

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