Child Bereavement

I have experienced bereavement in my life but nothing, but nothing prepared me for dealing with the loss of my son Anton, aged 28 in an car accident.

After 8 months I decided to write about my journey in my Blog through this unfamiliar and dark place. I will continue to write for as long as I can. Sometimes it might be frequent and sometimes not so frequent.

Before I lost Anton I used to journal events surrounding my holiday adventures, and hope to again in the future. But at the moment I am just trying to survive.

Losing a child is like losing yourself, like serving a life sentence and like feeling you will never be happy ever again.

My intention is to write and explain my experience of child loss and if, just if, it helps ONE grieving mother or one grieving person then it will be worth it.

This is not a journey for the faint hearted, I know I will lose a few of you on the way. But that’s OK, but before you go, love life, enjoy life, experience life, be kind and if you ever get the time please raise a glass or light a candle in memory of Anton.

Well if your still with me, I predict it wont be all doom and gloom. My son, Anton, was quite the joker (he got that from me) and whilst I might be grieving I have not lost my sense of humour and hopefully that will surface every now and then….

This is my personal journey and of course may differ from others in their grieving process.

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