Empty Nest Syndrome

As every mother knows we raise our children and know at one stage that they will spread their wings and off they go. Now don’t get me wrong I am fine with my own company, in fact it’s quite nice to have some peace and quiet. For years my life has revolved around working, cleaning, washing, cooking, school runs, football and the mystery of missing socks. I am used to the noise, the mess and the organised chaos that’s comes with raising 5 sons, and I knew there would be a day when each of them would leave and make there own way in the world. What I hadn’t imagined on how hard and quick that would be.

My eldest son left many years ago and has a lovely fiancée and they have given me the sweetest little grand-daughter ever, unfortunately they live 45 minutes away and I don’t get to see them that often. Then in the space of 18 months my second son moved to the USA and got married to a wonderful girl, we then lost Anton and within weeks my fourth son moved out to live with his lovely girlfriend but they live over an hour away. Leaving only my youngest still living at home (or more often at his girlfriends). That peace and quiet I often craved is now unwanted silence and an empty house.

But if anyone should know I should, no matter where they are, how far away they are, so long as they are all Safe, Healthy and Happy then silence and an empty house it will have to be…………Or maybe not!

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