3 Month Work Sabbatical

Over the last year I have attempted to be strong, have pushed myself to the limit, have finalised my sons legal affairs and whilst I am still standing I want a bit of time out. Time out to rest, time out to adjust, time out to work out how to deal with triggers, time out to decide how I live with this heartache and time out just to be…

So I have requested a 3 month work sabbatical and I am heading to the one place that I know will feed my soul, where the sun will shine on my face, where I will be surrounded by beautiful mountains, where I will be with good friends and where it feels like I am going home. I am returning to Southern Spain and onto the next stage of my grieving process. I hope you will join me on my journey and I will endeavour to keep you informed through my blog. But first I need to find a place to live…

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