Bereavement – In Flight Entertainment

My gate was called and I headed to the plane, content with my decision to spend the lead up to the first anniversary away from as many triggers as I could.

I suppose I should of realised that weekend flights are likely to incur groups of party goers and 2 Hens and 1 stag party boarded the flight. The Hens were further down the plane and the Stags towards the rear. I was seated at the back by the window and nervously awaited to see who would be seated next to me. Then struggling to get past the Stags were two middle aged ladies, oh joy, my travel companions were not going to be beer drinking lads!

My travel companion was keen to introduce herself and informed me that her friend was a very nervous flyer and concentrating on her breathing….

Well we hadn’t even had the safety talk when my travel companion was buzzing for the the stewardess. She asked for wine! When informed that the trolley would be coming round after the plane had taken off…she wasn’t impressed!

So as we waited the engines roared into life and we were moving, unfortunately at the same time the nervous woman started screaming…..

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