The Girls

Thank goodness for The Girls. Over this last year I have not been a very good mother, in fact pretty useless if the truth be told. I have been engulfed in my world of hurt, confusion, tears and anger and barely able to support myself. Thankfully the girls stepped in and stepped up.

As a mother used to a household of five sons our family is now blessed with eight girls. A fiancée, a wife, two girlfriends, two step daughters, a ‘foster’ daughter (aka Goat) and a grand-daughter.

Without these wonderful young ladies each offering their support to my sons, myself and my partner we would not be where we are. I will be eternally grateful for their love and encouragement, and when I couldn’t function properly they stepped in and have been on this wretched journey with us, pulling us through, holding us up and loving us unconditionally.

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