Living In The Campo

My ultimate aim in taking a three month sabbatical was to try and take myself away from all the triggers, to try and recharge my batteries and find a way forward. Several friends and family were concerned that I would just be sat around and have nothing to do but think! Well they obviously haven’t lived in The Campo…..

We have only been here two weeks and we have experienced:-

Exploding taps

No water

Brown water

Baby mouse in pool

Rat in the orchard

Fight in the supermarket (not us)

Washing machine that takes 2 hours on a quick cycle

An unfortunate incident with a garden chair

Attended a Wolf-men party

Watched a pole dancer

A minor flood in the pump room

Visited by Jehovah’s Witness (again)

As well as the above we have:-

Woken up to glorious sunsets

Have mountain views from every aspect

Invited to BBQ’s

Picked fruit from the orchard

Swam daily in the pool

Put up flags for the World Cup

Played ball every day with the dogs

Shopped at local markets

Taken siestas

And we have TV and Wifi

And I have loved every minute, this was the right thing to do, I know I can’t run from it but I can quieten it, just for a while, just for a time, just until I am a bit stronger!

Note: I will tell you more about the fight and the party another time and I have pictures!!

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