The Journey

So we set off early Saturday morning. Two adults, suitcases, three dogs, lots of water bottles and plenty of tubes of smarties (which I didn’t tell Mark I had).

Through the Channel Tunnel, travelling over 1500 miles in temperatures reaching 28 degrees….. what could go wrong?…

Well whilst heading towards the M4 we saw 3 people waving a Spanish flag from a lay by at us (thanks Neil, Rachael and Lily), and sorry we drove past but we thought you were a small group of nutters!!!

We managed to get just past Swindon and then Major got sick, sorted that, arrived on time for our trip in the Pipe but during embarking we discovered Major does not like Border Control Officials and does a very good impression of a rabid dog in the rear car window……

We arrived in France with apprehension as we had never taken any of the dogs on a trip that lasted longer than 45 mins. With no hotel booked we were going to relay drive all the way, stopping only for Mark walking the dogs, me sorting and plumping their bedding cushions and getting the water bowls ready! And guess what?….. it actually worked!

The dogs were brilliant, in fact by the time we reached Barcelona our operation in ‘walkie, wee & water stops’ were slicker than F1 tyres!

We have arrived, we are all happy, we are all safe and we are all knackered!

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