A New Year and A New Chapter

The majority of the last 3 months have been extremely hard, but there have been times of great joy and laughter and spending time with my grand daughter and grandson has been precious. December finally arrived and I started the specialist Trauma therapy and attended with an open mind.
The intensive EMDR therapy throughout December proved extremely helpful in showing me how to develop and strengthen my internal coping resources, so that I can work towards processing trauma related memories, making sense of unexpected emotional reactions and learning how to regulate strong emotions. However, it became apparent that I will need time to develop these strategies to be able to dispel the disturbing information that is held within my nervous system and deal with the negative emotions in order to experience increased feelings of my psychological well being.
I discussed my progress with my therapist and she was extremely pleased with how I have responded to the therapy, and confident that I will continue my healing process by practising the techniques I have learned over the coming month. In order to build on this progress I submitted my resignation and intend to return to Spain where I will be in a neutral, but therapeutic, environment to continue the work of healing.

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