Living The Dream

Oh joy, I am beginning to get the hang of Bin Dipping and tonight’s trip proved eventful. I spent the evening with my Spanish neighbours at the monthly auction in aid of a local dog rescue, where I managed to successfully bid on 3 saws, (very useful for cutting up the wood for kindling), a small table, a set of weights (they went for only 2 euros and it seemed like a bargain), four ornamental frogs (the auctioneer dropped one so I got them cheap too) and a 3ft bright green crocodile (as soon as I saw the Croc I knew I would bid as I thought it would make a great draught excluder, our front door is made of steel and has some large gaps and can get quite draughty).

Armed with all our bargains my friend and I headed home. On route I performed a detour to some waste ground at the back of the vegetable market, and there poking out of a waste skip was a wooden pallet. I got out of the car and with ninja like movements I climbed until I was balancing precariously on the side of the skip. I managed to drag a pallet from the claws of the waste, we loaded it into the boot of the car, I then dropped my friend off in the campo and, with the crocodile (who I have named Colin) sat upright in the passenger seat, I drove home.

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