Forgetting Is Not An Option – Living Is

So after 8 weeks we start our journey back. We set off as five and return as four, the journey of life still rocking our very existence. 

I have had time to practice the techniques I learnt during my EMDR therapy and whilst I was very skeptical, I can honestly say it was extremely beneficial and has enabled me to move forward. Forgetting, of course, is not an option, but becoming ‘unstuck’ from endless revolving flashbacks that took over my mind has made living easier. In fact, I will forever be thankful to my therapist who unlocked the trauma and helped me through it.

I will never be exactly like I was, I will never feel exactly like I used too. I am forever changed but no longer am I fighting the change, a battle I could never win. Instead I appreciate things more, I take more interest in my surroundings, I have more empathy, I still have the gift of life and I am going to enjoy it to the best of my ability.

I have been fortunate to receive the support and help I needed and now I can continue my journeys path, wherever that may lead. 

The mind and ones mental health is complex and will take you to the darkest of places. I hope everyone that needs support reaches out and help is there for them too. 

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