About Me and Blog

Hi, I am Maxine and a mother to 5 sons, 3 dogs and a very old cat that is now deceased. A partner to Mark, my rock, and Life consists of surprises, sons, struggles and sunshine. Mixed in with that is relationships, working and more. I decided that I would do something for me (how selfish I know)! I came up with 1. Go off to India for a month to ‘find myself’ (not an option as I can’t afford it, my boss wouldn’t agree to it and not really understanding what it means!). 2. Go do yoga on a mountain (last time I got into physical positions like that I was in my 20’s) or starting up a blog (exercise not involved) sorted …..blogging it is! Welcome to Fun On Planet Blog!image

Now please don’t expect to be blown away with intellectual dialogue, cooking expertise or relationship advice. I usually just ‘wing it’- so Hello new friend, thank you for taking the time to read this, I will reply to all comments. Unless of course you are spam and then you can just do one!

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