Holiday update – Family, Mosquitos, Fog and Hillside Chainsaw Man

Today has consisted of finding the villa (it’s very nice), going food shopping (not that nice), swimming & sunbathing (extremely nice). Heading to the airport to collect family in ‘Bang Bang’. Doubt that they will be very impressed with intermittent back firing of the hire car, but I am getting used to it! Expecting the next few days to fly by and last weeks solitude replaced with noise, laughter, eating and drinking (lots of drinking)!!No funny, weird or interesting news to report today ……except for the swarm of mosquitos, the descending sea fog (aka the death mist) and the random hillside chainsaw man!…. Don’t think I will mention that tonight when I collect them and will tell them over breakfast tomorrow…. And that includes you too!! So good night sleep well.

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