Naked At The Supermarket

Recently I have been under a lot of stress, with work, helping one of my sons (number 3), furnish his new house and the general day to day demands. So my mind was preoccupied to say the least when I left the house on Sunday morning. I got out of my car, walked across the car park towards the supermarket when I had this niggling feeling. Brushing it aside I tried to focus on what I needed to purchase….. broom, washing basket and stuff to make a roast dinner for later that day! But that feeling just wouldn’t go away, so as I looked down thinking what on earth was wrong it was then when I realised…. In my haste to get here I had forgotten a fundamental basic thing…. I was naked….. As I stood outside a very busy supermarket I frantically reached to one shoulder, nothing there and then immediately to the other, still nothing. I span round on the spot desperately needing to get back to my car…. As it suddenly dawned on me that I had left my bloody handbag at home! Note to self : never go anywhere without handbag! 

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