Holiday Number 3

Now this year I have been extremely lucky as I am about to embark on my 3rd holiday (at this rate I will be giving Princess Beatrice a run for her money). My 1st was to Spain on my own, which was very enjoyable and quite eventful. (It’s somewhere on this blog), the 2nd was when the family flew out to join me in the second week and the 3rd is with my mum (again off to Spain….yes I like Spain!).

You might of read that I managed to persuade my mother to holiday abroad due to the poor British weather we have been experiencing. The weather is looking good and I have promised her that we will visit the sites whilst there. There is a cable car ride that goes up the mountain that I’m sure she will enjoy and one of those little seaside tour trains that takes you along the seafront and around the town. Now I figure if I keep her happy with these little outings I will be able to persuade her to go down to poolside every morning and reserve our sun beds. This will save me getting up early (well she is an early riser) and save me bunging the gardener 10 euros! 

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