Evening Out With My Son (part 3)

On arriving I found him fully clothed on the bed in the ward. I was keen to show him my purchases. He wasn’t impressed that I forgot the phone charger but was keen to try out the power bar and pulled a face when I showed him the ‘Rise and Shine’ logo on his new PJ’s. He informed me that they had ruled out problem with appendix and now thought it was a severe urine infection, he was to stay overnight for observation. (This caused him to pull another face). A nurse appeared and said that she would be coming to put an IV line in. (Now as he had never been in hospital he had no idea what this meant…I explained….he pulled another face). When she returned and put the line in, yep you guessed it, he pulled another face! I turned to him, smiled and said ‘turn that frown upside down’. (He didn’t ).So with him settled I told him that I would return the next day. Suddenly he turned his frown upside down and started to smile and said ‘I guess this means I won’t be able to help with the house cleaning tomorrow and I while you are all doing it I think I will have a lie in’. Now it was my turn to frown, I kissed him goodbye and said ‘hope you sleep well’ and turned to leave. As I walked towards the door my frown turned upside down and into a very broad grin as I thought the chances of him sleeping well at night in hospital were remote and as for the lie in, I hadn’t the heart to tell him that they turn the lights on at 6am!……

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